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First-time motherhood was very rough for me.

I was constantly re-thinking my identity as a mom and struggled with juggling my work, pursuing my dreams, and this transition into motherhood.

A big part of me felt like my life, dreams, and ambitions were "over" because that's the narrative I grew up with; that motherhood "destroys" a woman and her future.

Add in postpartum depression and anxiety, D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex) when I nursed my baby, and moving frequently (because #militarylife!); it was a disaster in the making.

My husband was also limited in how much he could help me with my postpartum journey. His work took him away more than he liked.

Thankfully, I met a psychiatric nurse who saved me from the depths of my postpartum depression. And I've adapted a U.S. military approach to Soldier wellness for my postpartum and motherhood journey.

Today, I've regained my confidence and improved my productivity at home and in my business. Best of all, I can finally be the mother I want to be to my 2 girls.

So, my dear mamas, are you ready to take back control of your transformation journey and improve your productivity? 

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I Can Help You

Before Giving birth

Do you feel like you're not getting enough information about what happens to you as a new mom, after you give birth?

Do you feel unprepared about going home with a newborn baby?

I help you with understanding what your body, mind, and emotions go through after you give birth and then we'll work together to create a comprehensive postpartum plan that fits your specific needs and situation at home.

0 to 3 months after giving birth

Do you feel like nobody understands the intense emotions you have in the first few months of being a new mother?

How you're both overjoyed to be a mom, yet confused about who you're supposed to be now?

I coach you through the emotional chaos that happens in these first few months postpartum and we'll work together to create stress management strategies that tie in with your baby's milestones.

4 to 12 months after giving birth

Do you feel frustrated about not being able to do the things you want or focus on your work while caring for your baby?

Like how everything constantly revolves around  your baby's nap schedule and you feel like you're missing out on your life?

I coach you in creating routines that can be adapted to the needs of your baby so that you can fulfill your goals.

Get My Postpartum Book!

Postpartum 30:

Thirty Days to a Nurtured Fourth Trimester

Seeking a balanced approach to postpartum care? Dive into "Postpartum 30", a ground-breaking book that harmonizes traditional Chinese practices with modern Western postpartum care. 

This must-read book empowers you to plan a personalized postpartum experience tailored to your specific needs, endorsed by experts in the field of perinatal care.

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