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The 5 Pivotal Postpartum Moments for Many New Mothers

Through my experience of having a baby while stationed in the USA and in Germany due to my husband's work, I realised that there were 5 important moments in my postpartum year.

Having extra help and support during this time benefited me and my family emotionally, mentally, and physically:

  • Within the first week home from hospital
  • The week BEFORE my husband returned to work
  • The week WHEN my husband was back at work
  • The week of my OBGYN postpartum check-up (usually 6 weeks after giving birth)
  • The week when I was adjusting to new or changing routine(s)

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These 5 moments also apply to non-military families who have similar 'up-and-go-anytime' lifestyles or circumstances, such as families of first responders and healthcare professionals. This includes expats and those who have just migrated or moved to a new place!

However, these pivotal moments can look and feel different to you depending on your birth experience, resources available to you, and your current circumstances.

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