Thirty Days To A Nurtured Fourth Trimester: A Balance of Traditional Chinese and Modern Postpartum Care

Seeking a balanced approach to postpartum care? Dive into "Postpartum 30", a ground-breaking book that harmonizes traditional Chinese practices with modern Western postpartum care. 

This must-read book empowers you to plan a personalized postpartum experience tailored to your specific needs, endorsed by experts in the field of perinatal care.


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Postpartum 30

Are you a mom-to-be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of postpartum care?

Do you like the idea of traditional Chinese confinement practices, but want to incorporate modern health care for the best possible outcome for you and your baby?

Look no further than "Postpartum 30" by Dr. Kristal Lau—a comprehensive guide for navigating the first month and beyond as a new mom of one or more children.

With this book as your guide, you'll learn how to plan your own postpartum care that suits your individual circumstances and ensures your health and wellness during the all-important fourth trimester.

Dr. Lau, a medically trained professional who bridges modern and traditional health practices, offers advice and insights that will help you experience a postpartum journey filled with bonding, serenity, and love.

Featuring endorsements from experts in the field of perinatal care, "Postpartum 30" is a must-read for pregnant and new moms who wish to find the perfect blend between traditional Chinese confinement practices and modern Western postpartum care.

Whether you're looking for a guide on how to do confinement at home or simply seeking to learn more about this important period of motherhood, this book is an invaluable resource for the modern mom.

Benefits of reading Postpartum 30

  • Release Your Guilt: Give yourself permission to have a postpartum recovery specific to your needs and wants. Especially when you plan to follow the Chinese postpartum practice of Zuo Yue Zi or confinement!
  • Live Your Modern Life While Following Tradition: If the practice of Feng Shui can evolve and find a place in our modern world, so can the Chinese confinement practice! Learn how to personalise a confinement month that fits with your modern life.
  • Preserve Tradition: Learn more about this traditional Chinese postpartum recovery practice and have the confidence to pass this rite of motherhood down to your children!

the author

After becoming a physician and practicing medicine in Australia, Dr. Kristal Lau got her MS degree in Public Health when she moved to the USA with her husband on his military orders.

Kristal grew up in Malaysia, where it’s common for people to use modern medicine alongside traditional medicine. She frequently applies this concept when managing her patients and their families — as long as the medical treatments and traditional or home remedies don’t clash and cause harm.

She believes that the future of health lies in combining our past and present knowledge about healing to meet the needs of our constantly evolving society as we move forward.

Now, Kristal runs a small business, called 'Mama's Wing Woman', offering postpartum coaching and support to new moms and their growing families. She and her husband have two children.

Kristal practiced confinement after her first child with her mom as her confinement person. She’s since completed her second confinement practice with her husband as her support person.

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Praise for Postpartum 30

This book is a great resource for the modern mum!

'Postpartum 30' is a thought-provoking and educational read for new mums or mums-to-be who wish to find that perfect blend between traditional Chinese confinement practice and modern Western postpartum care in the fourth trimester.

Kristal enthusiastically engages the reader in a conversational manner not unlike that used by an older sister or auntie. There is a deliberate absence of medical jargon in the text and Kristal speaks to you through the pages deeply from her own upbringing and experiences.

The text carefully simplifies difficult concepts of TCM and postpartum physiology to make them digestible to the layman mum, and the subsequent chapters are purposefully layered to incorporate these concepts making them easy to recall on a practical level. The book also explores cultural nuances and social constructs of gender roles specific to the Malaysian-Chinese population.

If you are looking for a guide on how to do confinement at home, this book is a great resource for the modern mum!

Dr Grace Cham, MBBS (Hons.)

DRANZCOG Obstetrics and Gynaecology Trainee

I do wish I’d had access to this book when I was pregnant

As a very western Caucasian growing up in Australia, I had never heard of a confinement month until I was pregnant with my first child. I do wish I’d had access to this book when I was pregnant. It would have helped me understand better some of the suggestions from my in-laws, and given me help finding that middle ground of respecting elders and their traditions whilst still acknowledging my own autonomy.

Kristal does an excellent job of explaining traditional confinement practices in terms of social and cultural norms, and traditional Chinese medicine understandings. Then she takes this one step further and measures these up against modern lifestyle and modern Western medicine.

The result is an easy read which ultimately gives the reader enough information to be able to pick and choose confinement practices that would suit them. 

Dr Sarah Tedjasukmana

GP and Co-Founder of Sydney Perinatal Doctors

Ideal for expectant parents and families with different cultures on how to manage postpartum

This book would be ideal for expectant parents and their respective families with different cultures on how to manage postpartum. What I enjoyed was the inclusion of the male spouses and partners during this time which during traditional times, they were excluded.

The author gives excellent explanations and modern medicine during postpartum period and the changes between them with suggestions on how to manage this time. It has personal stories which includes recipes, menus, support suggestions for the partner, spouse, Dad and family.  It is easy to read and easy to make references whenever you would need to.

Dr. Kavipriya Soma

General practitioner obstetrician (GPO)

Create a postpartum journey filled with bonding, serenity and love

No matter how much planning you do, you can’t control what happens when you give birth. But what the amazing Dr. Kristal Lau so brilliantly teaches, is that you can control what comes next. Having a medically trained professional who bridges modern and traditional health practices by your side, you’ll be able to create a postpartum journey filled with bonding, serenity and love. I only wish I’d had Kristal in my own early journey of motherhood.

Dr. Abby Medcalf

Psychologist, Author, TEDx Speaker

An extremely well-balanced book

I found it was an extremely well-balanced book, encouraging solutions and suggestions for relationship between traditional and modern medical practices postpartum. It encouraged personal preferences for families with different cultures and gave some ideas for problem-solving in the postpartum period.

Shayne Wells